Adopting a Tripod Dog

Tripod dogs adjust well, don't dwell on their limb loss, and can live very active, happy lives.

Pros of Adopting

Potential for arthritis or spinal issues, unable to handle roughhousing, stairs a challenge. Manage weight and joint health.


Tripods are often very social, trainable and make deeply devoted companions. Adoption gives them a new leash on life! 


Establish day-to-day care routines for feeding, exercise, potty breaks, rest and play that support their needs and abilities.


Harnesses, ramps, joint supplements, orthopedic beds, and puzzle toys tailored for tripods enhance comfort and activities. 


Positive reinforcement training boosts confidence and focuses on cues for sitting, staying and stairs instead of behaviors their mobility limits. 


With some adjustments, tripods thrive as wonderfully loving and lively canine companions. 

A Perfect Pet

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