A Look at Large Cat Breeds 

One of the largest domesticated breeds. Gentle giants with a loving personality. Distinctly large bones and furry tufted ears. 

Maine Coon

Large, laid-back cats known for going limp when picked up. Love human contact. Come in many pointed color patterns. 


Hybrid of domestic cats and African Servals. Tall with long legs, large ears, and exotic spotted coats. Confident and energetic.

Savannah Cat

Large fluffy cats with beautiful water-resistant coats adapted for the cold. Intelligent, social and athletic.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Medium-large triple coated cats from Russia. They are robust, playful and tend to thrive in cold weather.


Large semi-longhaired cats known for their love of water. White coats with color splashes. Smart and active.

Turkish Van

Sturdily built medium-large cats with a naturally bobbed tail. Intelligent and sociable.

American Bobtail

Caring Tips for Small Dog Breeds