8 of the Quietest and Calmest Dog Breeds

Basenjis are quiet dogs due to their odd yodel-like vocal cords. They don't bark much but "yodel" instead.


Bulldogs rarely bark or make noise. They are very calm, quiet, and relaxed indoor dogs.


Sweet, gentle Cavaliers are one of the most easygoing, quiet dog breeds. They adapt well to any home.

Cavalier King Charle

Greyhounds are known as "velcro dogs" that quietly follow owners around. They are gentle and mild-mannered.


Frenchies are very quiet dogs that don't bark much. They have an easygoing nature.

French Bulldog

Schipperkes have minimal barking tendencies. They're independent but quiet house dogs.


Shiba Inus are one of the more silent dog breeds. They are independent and reserved but not yappy.

Shiba Inu 

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