8 Least Popular Dog Breeds

This sweet scenthound is great for active owners but needs lots of exercise. Their loud bays deter many people.

English Foxhound

Only around 350 Ceskys exist worldwide! But they make friendly, fun-loving companions.

Cesky Terrier 

This spritely Norwegian puffin hunter has unique traits like 6 toes and flexible ears. But they are quite rare.  

Norwegian Lundehund

Few have heard of this brave Finnish breed that once hunted bears! They need experienced owners.

Karelian Bear Dog

Developed in New Hampshire, the loyal Chinook is an agile sled dog breed that remains uncommon.


Originally used to hunt otters in England, this shaggy scent hound is amiable but sheds a lot.


This petite sighthound has a silky coat but their high prey drive makes them a challenge.

Silken Windhound

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