8 Fun Facts About the Adorable Beagle Dog Breed

Beagles were originally bred in England to hunt rabbits and hares by scent. They have a superb sense of smell.

Bred to Hunt Rabbits

Beagles are very active, energetic dogs with a happy-go-lucky personality. They love playing and need daily exercise.

Energetic and Playful  

With their amazing sense of smell, Beagles are prized as tracking and detection dogs for their determination when on a scent.

Excellent Trackers

Beagles are known for their endearing howls and baying. Their vocals are unique to the breed.

Adorable Howl & Bay

Beagles are small hounds, standing 13-15 inches tall at the shoulder. Their compact size makes them great house pets.

Height 13-15 Inches

Beagle coats are signature white with reddish tan and black markings. Some Beagles are just tan and white.

Tricolor or Tan-White Coats

Beagles have voracious appetites and are always on the hunt for food. They'll eat as much as you give them!

Constant Appetite 

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