8 Dog Breeds Often Mistaken for Bears

With a mane-like ruff and teddy bear-shaped head, the Chow Chow resembles a snuggly bear cub.

Chow Chow

Huge, gentle Newfoundlands look like black bears with their massive size, furry coat, and broad head.


This gentle giant has a long, thick, waterproof coat giving it a shaggy, bear-like appearance.


With its enormous, furry frame and mane-like coat, the Tibetan Mastiff resembles a Himalayan black bear.

Tibetan Mastiff

Resembling a petite, smiling bear cub, the Keeshond has a thick gray and black coat and expressive face. 


This mountain dog's thick double-coat, bear-shaped head, and large size cause people to mistake it for a bear.

Caucasian Shepherd 

Massive and fluffy Saints resemble teddy bears with their gentle nature and soft, thick coats.

Saint Bernard

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