8 Coolest Cat Breeds

The hairless Sphynx cat has an alien, wrinkly appearance. They are affectionate and demand human attention.


Bengals have wildcat-like markings and love to play. They are energetic cats that need interactive toys.


Ragdolls go limp when held. They are laid-back, fluffy cats that bond strongly with their families.


Abyssinians are active, social cats. They have ticked coats and love to play and climb.


Russian Blues have a elegant blue-grey coat and sweet, gentle personality. They thrive on routine.

Russian Blue

Turkish Angoras are longhaired cats known for their intelligence and playfulness. They love being up high.

Turkish Angora

Singapuras are petite, muscular cats with sepia spotted coats. They are curious, playful and love lap


Long Haired Cat Breeds