8 Best Dog Breeds for Cuddling

This affectionate toy breed lives to be around their people. They love climbing into laps for hugs and belly rubs.

Cavalier King Charle

Havanese pups have a very cuddly nature. They thrive on human contact and make wonderful lapwarmers.


Exuberant Goldens will never say no to cuddle time. They lean into hugs and relish cozy belly scratches.

Golden Retriever  

Labs are famously friendly and just love cozying up to their families. A lab lapdog is a very happy pup!

Labrador Retriever

Clever poodles form strong bonds with their people. Give them any chance to snuggle up and they'll take it. 


Despite their tough looks, English bulldogs are softies that live for naps and nuzzles with their loved ones. 

English Bulldog

This gentle Swiss breed is definitely a leaner, not a fighter. They soak up all the cuddles they can get.

Bernese Mountain Dog

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