7 Unique Australian Dog Breeds 

 An agile herding breed, Australian Shepherds are intelligent, high-energy companions. 

Australian Shepherd

Bred to herd cattle, Australian Cattle Dogs are robust, weatherproof, and tireless. Their speckled coats repel dirt and rain while working outdoors.

Australian Cattle Do

As the name suggest, Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs have naturally bobbed tails. They're strong working dogs valued for durability.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle 

 Known for stamina, Australian Kelpies are medium-sized herding dogs who excel at mustering livestock over long days. 

Australian Kelpie

Australian Terriers are lively companions with an alert, self-assured temperament. They have wiry coats and make charming pets.

Australian Terrier

Originally bred to catch rats, Australian Silky Terriers are keen hunters with a bold spirit. Their silky coat requires regular grooming

Australian Silky Terrier

Australian Dingoes are wild canids found across Australia. They are resilient, intelligent predators that hunt alone or in small packs.

Australian Dingo

Dog Breeds That Often Have Striking Blue Eyes