7 Super Friendly Dog Breeds

Cherished for their kindly temperament, Golden Retrievers are outgoing and eager to please. They bond deeply with their families.

Golden Retrievers

Whether Black, Yellow, or Chocolate, Labrador Retrievers have an affable personality perfect for active families. 


Beagles are gregarious, charming dogs who play well with kids and other pets when socialized young. 


Despite their strong build, Boxers are gentle, affectionate dogs. They form close attachments and aim to please their owners.  


The "lapdog" of the spaniel group, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels crave contact. They shower their families with love

Cavalier King Charles

A snuggly companion breed, the Havanese wants nothing more than to be near their beloved people.


Though small, Papillons have huge personalities. These little dogs are lively, playful, and extremely attached to their families.  


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