7 Striking Siamese Cat Breeds

With their striking blue eyes and contrasting points, Traditional Siamese are the original breed that started it all. Graceful and vocal.

Traditional Siamese

The longhaired cousins of Siamese, Balinese have the same pointed pattern and vivid blue eyes but with silky, flowing fur.


Bred from Siamese stock, the Colorpoint Shorthair combines Siamese colors with a sturdier, muscular foreign body type. 

Colorpoint Shorthair

Himalayans unite the point colors of a Siamese with the cuddly, round-headed Persian body. Their plush coat requires daily grooming.


The Javanese is the semi-longhaired version of the Colorpoint Shorthair with a Siamese point pattern and medium-length fur.


Though not colorpointed, the elegant Oriental shows foreign body type infused with Siamese genes for a refined, stylish appearance.  


Snowshoes have the Siamese point pattern on feet, tail, ears and face like they dipped their paws in snow. Medium in build. 


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