7 Cat Breeds with Blue Coats

The Russian Blue is known for its distinctive blue-gray short coat. They are intelligent, reserved but affectionate cats.  

Russian Blue

British Shorthairs can have blue-gray fur. They are calm, easygoing cats that thrive on routine.

British Shorthair

An ancient Thailand breed, Korats have silver-blue coats with root-tipped hairs. They form strong bonds with their families.


Chartreux cats are muscular with thick blue fur. They are quiet companions that appreciate routines and gentle handling.


As Ragamuffins mature, their coats transform from mottled to a lighter blue hue. They love people and make wonderful pets.


Nebelungs have long, silvery blue coats and green eyes. They are mild-mannered yet playful when bonded to their families.


While known for its wiry coat, American Wirehairs also come in a blue color. They love playing and climbing.

American Wirehair

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