RWB Porsche 911: What They Are And Why They Matter

In the world of high-performance sports cars, few names evoke as much passion and admiration as Porsche. The German automaker has consistently pushed the boundaries of engineering and design, creating some of the most iconic sports cars in history.

Among Porsche enthusiasts and collectors, one name stands out – RWB Porsche 911. In this article, we’ll delve into what RWB Porsche 911s are, their unique significance, and why they matter to the automotive world.

Rauh-Welt Begriff

Before we dive into RWB Porsche 911s, it’s essential to understand what RWB stands for. Rauh-Welt Begriff is a German term that translates to “Rough World Concept.” It’s the brainchild of Akira Nakai, a Japanese Porsche enthusiast and customizer who has taken the Porsche 911 to new extremes.

The RWB Transformation

At its core, an RWB Porsche 911 is a handcrafted masterpiece. Nakai-san takes an existing Porsche 911 and transforms it into a unique work of art.

The process typically involves widening the fenders, adding distinctive body kits, and installing signature wide and deep-dish wheels. The result is a Porsche 911 that looks unlike any other, with a raw and aggressive aesthetic.

Uncompromising Style

The RWB style is uncompromising. The wide fenders, exaggerated spoilers, and low-slung stances give these Porsches an unmistakable presence. They are not for the faint of heart and certainly not for those seeking subtlety. Each RWB Porsche 911 is a statement of individuality and boldness.

Incredible Attention

What sets RWB Porsche 911s apart is the incredible attention to detail. Nakai-san meticulously crafts each one by hand, ensuring that every element is perfect. From the fitment of the body panels to the choice of colors and the placement of decals, these Porsches are a labor of love.

The RWB Experience

While the visual impact of an RWB Porsche 911 is undeniable, what truly matters is the driving experience. RWB cars are not just showpieces; they are meant to be driven. The combination of the widened stance and carefully tuned suspension results in a driving experience that’s raw, visceral, and utterly exhilarating.

Why RWB Porsches Matter

Individuality in a Homogeneous World: In an era where many cars look alike, RWB Porsches stand out as a testament to individuality and customization.

  • Preserving Porsche Heritage: RWB cars pay homage to Porsche’s rich history and racing heritage while infusing a contemporary and edgy design.
  • Pushing Boundaries: Nakai-san’s work challenges conventional automotive design, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a Porsche 911.
  • Cultural Fusion: RWB represents a fusion of Japanese car culture and German engineering, creating a global phenomenon that bridges cultures and continents.
  • Collector’s Dream: RWB Porsches are sought after by collectors worldwide, making them a valuable and unique addition to any collection.


RWB Porsche 911s are more than just modified sports cars; they are a form of automotive art. They represent the passion, creativity, and individuality of their creator and the enthusiasts who embrace them.

Whether you love them for their bold design or appreciate the raw driving experience they offer, RWB Porsches matter because they remind us that in the world of sports cars, there is always room for innovation and personal expression.


How did RWB Porsche 911s gain popularity?

RWB Porsches gained recognition through social media and automotive events, where their unique style and craftsmanship attracted attention.

Are RWB Porsche 911s street-legal?

Yes, most RWB Porsches are street-legal, as Nakai-san ensures that his creations adhere to local regulations.

Can I request a custom RWB Porsche 911?

Yes, Nakai-san takes custom orders, allowing Porsche owners to have their cars transformed into RWB masterpieces.

Do RWB Porsches maintain their value?

Yes, RWB Porsches often appreciate in value due to their rarity, craftsmanship, and unique style.

Are there other custom Porsche builders like RWB?

Yes, there are several custom Porsche builders worldwide, each with its own unique style and approach to modification.