Megan Thee Stallion and Justin Timberlake’s Backstage Encounter at VMAs

During the 2023 Video Music Awards, a peculiar backstage interaction caught the attention of many. Megan Thee Stallion and Justin Timberlake appeared to have a heated exchange, which quickly became a talking point on social media.

Megan’s Reaction

In a video that circulated on Tuesday, September 12, the “Savage” artist, 28, was captured looking somewhat annoyed and seemingly dismissing the “Mirrors” crooner, 42, as he walked past her with NSYNC members.

Megan seemed to engage in conversation with Justin, while his bandmate, Joey Fatone, appeared to share a laugh as they moved away, allowing Megan’s stylist to tend to her hair.

Social Media Buzz

The viral clip sparked various reactions from users on the platform, with many finding the exchange rather unexpected. Comments ranged from curiosity about what transpired to playful speculations.

Uncovering the Mystery

The exact reason behind the seemingly awkward moment remains unclear. However, a source close to the situation shed light on the encounter, revealing that Megan holds admiration for Justin. Their meeting marked the first time they crossed paths, and Megan was evidently excited about it.

VMAs Highlights

Despite the backstage encounter, both artists proceeded to contribute to the event. Justin and his bandmates presented the Best Pop Song award to Taylor Swift. Meanwhile, Megan took the stage alongside Cardi B for a captivating performance of her hit single, “Bongos.”

Nostalgia and Celebration

Justin, Joey, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick took a moment to reminisce about their past VMAsuccess, emphasizing the significance of their win for “Bye Bye Bye” over two decades ago. They reflected on their journey as young artists and the validation it brought.

Electrifying Performance

Megan and Cardi B’s on-stage collaboration enthralled the audience. The two artists delivered a powerful performance in matching deep blue fringe two-piece outfits, performing their track with zeal. Their tropical-themed stage setup added a vibrant touch to their act, complete with palm trees in the backdrop.

Silence from Representatives

Requests for comments from Megan and Justin’s representatives are yet to receive responses at the time of reporting.