Lili Reinhart Offers Support to Those Battling Body Dysmorphia

Lili Reinhart, the 27-year-old Riverdale star, extends her empathy and support to fans dealing with body dysmorphia. In a heartfelt message, she candidly admits her own struggles with self-confidence, particularly her desire for slimmer arms.


In a tweet shared on Thursday, September 14, Lili expressed her wish for greater representation of average-sized arms in mainstream media for women.

She shared how her own body dysmorphia has been intensified by societal ideals of slender arms, which often seem unattainable for many, except the very young.


Lili went on to emphasize the pervasive pressures and unrealistic beauty standards that people, especially women, encounter daily.

She pondered how anyone navigates life without grappling with severe body dysmorphia. She acknowledged that, in her case, her OCD exacerbates these challenges.

Message of Unity

Lili’s message concluded with a powerful note of solidarity, as she wanted to ensure that other women know they are not alone in their struggles with body image.