Harley-Davidson Dyna Models Explained

The Harley-Davidson Dyna lineup represented a series of iconic motorcycles that combined classic styling with modern performance and handling. Spanning several models, the Dyna family captured the essence of the open road while offering riders a versatile range of choices. Let’s delve into the key Dyna models and what made each one unique.

Street Bob

The Dyna Street Bob embodied a minimalist and stripped-down aesthetic. With its bobber-inspired design, solo seat, and minimalist fenders, the Street Bob exuded a raw and rugged appeal. It often featured a blacked-out finish, underscoring its no-nonsense attitude. Riders who sought a back-to-basics experience and a custom canvas for personalization found the Street Bob to be a fitting choice.

Low Rider

The Dyna Low Rider blended vintage styling with modern comfort. Its ergonomic design, mid-mount controls, and pullback handlebars created a relaxed riding posture. The Low Rider also embraced Harley-Davidson’s heritage with its classic dual-tank setup and chrome accents. It appealed to riders who wanted a comfortable cruiser without sacrificing the Harley-Davidson spirit.

Wide Glide

The Dyna Wide Glide made a bold statement with its distinctive front end featuring a wide front fork, wide-set headlamp, and large front wheel. This chopper-inspired model paid homage to the custom scene while providing a stable and comfortable ride. The Wide Glide’s unique styling and enhanced front suspension made it stand out in the Dyna lineup.

Super Glide Custom

The Dyna Super Glide Custom was a versatile and customizable model that appealed to riders seeking a classic cruiser with modern features. It combined the traditional Super Glide aesthetic with chrome accents and modern technology. With its mid-mount controls, comfortable seat, and pullback handlebars, the Super Glide Custom was an ideal canvas for riders to express their individuality.


The Dyna Switchback offered a convertible experience with the convenience of detachable saddlebags and windshield. It aimed to provide both touring capability and urban agility. Riders could easily transform the Switchback from a cruising touring bike to a sleek street machine. This model catered to those who wanted versatility without compromising on style.


The Harley-Davidson Dyna lineup presented riders with a diverse range of choices, each offering a unique blend of style, performance, and customization options. From the minimalist Street Bob to the versatile Switchback, the Dyna models captured the essence of Harley-Davidson’s heritage while embracing modern innovations.

Although the Dyna series has been discontinued, its legacy continues to inspire riders and collectors alike, reflecting the enduring appeal of these iconic motorcycles.


What defined the Harley-Davidson Dyna lineup?

The Harley-Davidson Dyna lineup consisted of a range of models that blended classic styling with modern performance and handling.

What was the appeal of the Dyna Street Bob?

The Dyna Street Bob offered a minimalist, stripped-down design that appealed to riders seeking a raw and rugged aesthetic.

What characterized the Dyna Low Rider?

The Dyna Low Rider combined vintage styling with modern comfort, featuring ergonomic design and classic dual-tank setup.

How was the Dyna Wide Glide distinctive?

The Dyna Wide Glide featured a chopper-inspired front end with a wide front fork, creating a bold and unique visual presence.

What made the Dyna Switchback unique?

The Dyna Switchback offered detachable saddlebags and windshield for a convertible touring experience combined with urban agility.