Charlie Puth Delights in Engagement to Childhood Sweetheart Brooke Sansone

Charlie Puth has shared the joyous news of his engagement to his childhood friend and sweetheart, Brooke Sansone. Their love story, which became public less than a year ago, has taken a beautiful turn.

Beautiful Proposal

Charlie took to Instagram on Thursday, September 7, to reveal the heartwarming moment when he flew to New York to ask Brooke to be his forever. Her resounding “yes” filled his heart with happiness, and he couldn’t help but express his love for her.

Love’s Radiance

In his tender message, the 31-year-old “Attention” artist shared a picture of the couple, both with radiant smiles. Brooke proudly displayed her dazzling teardrop engagement ring, a symbol of their love and commitment.

Cherished Moments

The carousel of snapshots Charlie posted included a delightful glimpse of Brooke enjoying a slice of pizza, her engagement ring gleaming in the spotlight.

Another frame captured the couple sharing a light-hearted moment over a cheesy slice, a reflection of their love story’s genuine and fun-filled nature.

Love Story Revealed

Charlie made their relationship official on Instagram in December 2022, sharing a playful and affectionate video of the couple sharing a joyful kiss. Two months later, they graced the Grammys red carpet together, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

Timeless Connection

Charlie fondly spoke about their enduring connection, rooted in their childhood friendship. He expressed his belief that Brooke would always be there for him through life’s inevitable ups and downs, a testament to the strength of their bond.

Childhood Friends Forever

Both Charlie and Brooke grew up in New Jersey, and their shared history provided a comforting foundation for their love story.

Knowing each other for a long time, even before Charlie’s rise to fame in the music industry, has made their connection even more special.

Beginning of a Public Love Story

While their romance only became public in late 2022, Charlie and Brooke’s journey began earlier that summer. They were spotted together at New York City’s Global Citizen Festival in September 2022, marking the start of their public love story.

Love Beyond the Spotlight

While Charlie has been in the spotlight for several years, Brooke has enjoyed a more private career as a digital marketing and public relations coordinator.

Their love transcends the glitz and glamour, grounded in their shared history and genuine connection.