Ariana Grande Seeks Spousal Support Amidst Separation From Dalton Gomez

Amidst her separation from Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande’s divorce filing has come to light, shedding light on the details of their parting ways. The couple, who split earlier this year, has taken steps towards a legal separation, with Ariana Grande requesting specific provisions.

Seeking Support

In her divorce filing, the 30-year-old “Side by Side” artist has made several notable requests. She is seeking spousal support and the allocation of property, as outlined in her and Dalton’s prenuptial agreement.

The court documents, obtained by E! News, outline her desire for “miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects,” along with the confirmation of earnings and accumulations as separate property.

Additionally, Ariana has requested that both she and her estranged husband, 28-year-old Dalton Gomez, share the burden of attorney’s fees. The reason cited for their divorce is “irreconcilable differences.”

Dalton Gomez’s Response

Dalton Gomez, the real estate agent who has been in the spotlight due to his marriage to Ariana Grande, filed his response to her divorce filing on the same day. Unlike Ariana, he did not request spousal support and instead opted to leave the matter for a future ruling by the court.

Look Back at Their Relationship

News of Ariana and Dalton’s separation came in July, marking the end of nearly two years of marriage. Throughout their time together, the couple maintained a mostly private romance, with occasional glimpses shared on Ariana’s Instagram.

Their separation date is noted as February 20, and despite reportedly attempting reconciliation earlier in the year, they ultimately decided to part ways.

Complexities of Love

Ariana’s romantic life took a new turn when she began dating her “Wicked” costar Ethan Slater over the summer. While the pop star and her ex-husband, Dalton Gomez, navigated the intricacies of separation, her new relationship with Ethan added another layer to her personal life.

Dalton Gomez’s Own Path

In contrast to Ariana’s requests for spousal support and property allocation, Dalton Gomez has chosen a different approach in his response to the divorce filing. His decision to forego spousal support requests and defer the matter for future consideration indicates the individual paths they are now taking.

Navigating Public Scrutiny

Ariana’s separation from Dalton Gomez and her subsequent relationship with Ethan Slater have garnered significant public attention. While Ariana and Ethan have kept their relationship low-profile, it has not escaped the notice of media and fans.

Glimpse into Ethical Dilemmas

The situation surrounding Ariana’s new relationship also involves ethical considerations, particularly with regard to Ethan Slater’s previous marriage to Lilly Jay. Ariana’s “liking” of Ethan’s Instagram post on September 6 was a subtle show of support amidst the ongoing public scrutiny.

Prioritizing Family

In the midst of the changing dynamics, it is clear that all parties involved are prioritizing their personal and family lives. Lilly Jay’s statement emphasizes her focus on being a “good mom” to her and Ethan’s child, highlighting the importance of family bonds during times of change.

Unspoken Narratives

While much of this story has unfolded in the public eye, Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater have chosen to keep their personal narratives largely unspoken. Their actions and choices tell a tale of evolving relationships, shifting priorities, and the complexities of love.